Pixel Pusher

Today I want to introduce you to something that isn’t exactly “new”, but it’s one of those words that gets tossed about, that really means absolutely nothing… until you understand it, and then it can mean A LOT! 

The concept in question is a “Facebook Pixel”. Heard of it? It’s a simple and yet profoundly powerful tool, available to everyone, and incredibly easy to install - all by your little ol self!

So what is it exactly? 

Well, it’s technically a bit of code, that you place/ embed/ encode (which is really just copy and paste) whatever you want to call it, on to your website that then helps you track exactly what people are doing on your site, where they are coming from, and who exactly they are. It does this by dropping a tiny little pixel on their “digital profile” (which sort of and slightly scarily sounding, kinda means everywhere)  - sounds illegal I know but it’s not - which gives you hot feedback on who this unknown guest is.

Facebook have built this absolute animal piece of kit to make advertising both incredibly easy, and incredibly clever for basically anybody with the balls to investigate it. It’s all there for you, with click by click simplicity, they actively take over the masterminding of just how you spend those all too precious advertising dollars. The potential at your fingertips with this beast is super exciting!

So essentially when this little Facebook nugget is installed on your page, any action that is taken by a visitor is then tracked and monitored, and you will be able to learn WHO is looking at WHAT, and HOW they are finding you, and kind of…. what else they are looking at, which (although insane, I know) is all unicorn dust of precious data! This info will allow you to then build tailor made ads for the customer who’s interest you have already piqued, but also build a target audience for future ads based on these visitors - which Facebook can also brilliantly profile to include “lookalike” types, which is just insane as they are seeking out your exact target market for you, based on your existing visitors, and customizing your ad targets to be reeeeally strategic and on point. This is just nuts. Then you can also re-market to the pre-existing leads - those lovely jubely peeps that have already taken action on your adds or on your site. Eeeeeven if you are not really “ready” or “there yet” to be playing with Facebook ads, this is worth getting, as for as long as your site is up and running, it can be collecting valuable data for later, when you do start to advertise. 

It’s great! It’s an animal. You want it, I promise.

So here is the good news.

1, It’s free

2, It’s EASY to install

3, It’s free. 

The bad news? Well, you may see words like “analytics”, “pixel fires”, “cross-device conversion”, “optimization”, customized audiences, tracking, targeting and face planting. Ok not the last one, but that’s the affect those words typically have on me. But really, it’s all very simple, and a web wizard may bamboozle you with such terminology, as well as quoting a mythical fee for installing it, but I promise you, you got this! 

Now for the how’s I am going to direct you to this excellent step by step provided by Hootsuite as they just do such a darn good job of it, attempting to do my own would not serve either of us! 

Go hootsuite! 



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