Press Kit

An Earthen Twist on Fine Jewelry 

New York, NY - Emerging New York based designer, Jayne Moore, is changing the expectation of fine jewelry. Using organic matter such as driftwood, bark, sugar, salt and other crystallized elements, she is embracing the unpredictable and unruly elements of nature, and perpetuating them in fine metals - oh, and is doing so sustainably, with exploitation-free integrity! 

British-born country girl, Jayne Moore, has used her background in art, and her love of nature, to create a bold and yet elegant line of Contemporary Fine Jewelry.

Real textures of driftwood and bark are prevalent in her work, which is all hand-made in New York City, using refined and recycled metals, eco-conscious techniques and a mandatory EXPLOITATION-FREE policy - of Human or Animal.

Her style, price-point and overall mode of operation come as a breath of fresh air.

Raw, earthy, sensual, unexpectedly bold - but always elegant - TER (the brand’s acronym) quickly gained popularity amongst New York City’s ‘femme fatales’, as her texture-heavy designs, with their gritty surfaces and rebellious freeform lines, are also impeccably finished, polished to a brilliant shine, resulting in a refined subtly, yet an unmistakably unique creativity, emulating the women unafraid to be a little different… 

Unsettled by the market standard in gold mark-ups of 2.5 - 4%, Jayne has set up shop in the Small Business Market Place of Canal Street Market, as well as online at, and offers (direct to consumer!) price integrity and personability —with a hands-on attention to detail that sets her apart from the rest.  

About the brand: Thorn of an English Rose, more fondly known as TER, is the fine jewelry "love child" of organic textures and elegant metals. It's a brand steeped in ethics and core principles, as well as having an appreciation of what nature has to offer, and using it to simply make beautiful things. What stands out about TER is the brand’s love of contradiction: rough textures brought to high shine, real bark cast into metal and the free-form edges softened yet left uneven and undefined, unexpected angles, rounded corners, tapered edges, and spills and errors allowed and embraced – all these paying respect to the elemental qualities of her metals and organic matter. The designer Jayne Moore is a one-woman show, and is inspiring in her refusal to sacrifice quality and brand integrity for profits and margins. 

TER pays tribute to the women it's created for; it's rebellious, bold, individual, and yet still elegant, refined, and timeless. We love it!