Too proud? Too late...

Too proud? Too late...

I started a course this morning, an online course run by Foundr Magazine’s Nathan Chan, and serial entrepreneur Gretta Rosa Van Riel called “Start and Scale” and it’s basically a mentored action plan on how to start a business very small, prove a concept, create demand before laying down much money for product, and then how to grow and scale with E-commerce. 

I am well aware I have done many things wrong in my first real year of business, I am also aware I am painfully shy and don’t have a heck of a lot of confidence in talking to people about what I am doing, what makes me special, and why I believe in it. Sometimes I'm not even sure I do! I am not a good sales person, I tend to be apologetic even and am uncomfortable taking peoples money. This is never going to work in my favor! So I signed up to this course to help me reset, refocus and maybe try things a little differently with tried and true measures lead by experienced yet tangible (believable) people.

Whether it be a relaunch of my existing company TERNYC or an adjacent mens line - yet to be named - where I can play as if from scratch with zero money behind it, or perhaps both, is to be determined, but I am making my man sit in along side me and take the course too, as he has his own branding and online aspirations, and we can hold each other accountable.

Anyway, in the very first video with Gretta she dropped this line, and it received an acknowledging and appreciative grunt from the both of us. It’s lines like this that keep me going, and give me confidence to get something out there despite feeling wildly unready. So I thought I’d share. xx

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