About our Metals

18 Karats Royal Yellow

Our Royal Yellow 18 Karat, the perfect blend of the yellow Gold’s warmth, with a creamier quality, which is extremely beautiful - rich and refined - on all skin tones.

18 Karat Rose Gold

Our 18 Karat Rose Gold is the result of an infusion of copper and a touch of silver, thus giving it that warm, rich, earthy quality that makes it such a beautiful metal, the silver successfully paling it from the otherwise ‘red gold’. The result is what we call our “dusty rose”. Indeed this just might be our all-time favourite metal blend.

Our Signature 10 Karat Gold.

Our signature 10 karat Yellow Gold is an unsung hero. It's an underestimated Gold, the 9kt equivalent having been very popular for centuries in England, this is a beautiful, very strong, pale and creamy gold that shines just brilliantly, and pops against all skin tones, being less yellow than the typical 18-24kt Golds. As the current flashy "Kardashian culture" evolved, the higher karat golds have became coveted, but time and time again it's my 10 karat pieces that people notice and fall in love with. It's a beautiful fine metal, strong, classy and unpretentious. We're bringing it back!


An underestimated and under appreciated metal, we wanted Silver to be a part of the collection, and it took multiple visits to different Casting Companies to find the quality we insisted on - a metal that is fine and bright, almost powder white at high shine, and yet one which lends itself so well to tarnished detailing. For some of the highly textured organic pieces, the more this metal wears, the better the product looks.


Platinum is a white metal, but unlike gold it is much stronger, and therefore used in jewelry in almost its pure form (approximately 95% pure).
Platinum is extremely long wearing and is less grey than the mislabeled white gold, so it does not need to be Rhodium plated like the white gold does.
Platinum is very dense (heavy), so a platinum ring will feel much heavier than an 18kt gold ring. It is, however, very expensive. A platinum ring will be approximately twice the price of an 18kt gold ring.

White Gold

We do do white gold on occasion, but are less fickle about the carat. White gold is actually a grey metal, and is almost always Rhodium plated to appear more white. For this reason, we tend to use 14kt White Gold as it is strong and durable.


Anything can be made in almost any metal you choose, so please do contact us if you have any special desires or requests.