Custom work is some of my favorite work and I have had the pleasure of creating some really special one of a kind pieces for some really amazing people. Sometimes I don't get chance to professionally photograph them before they are handed over, but I wanted to share some of the muses, creations and the processes along the way, as well as some of the finished pieces.
If you have your heart set on something or see something that inspires you, please reach out, I would love to hear from you and talk about the potential of creating with you. This is where I thrive! 
Hexagon rose cut diamond three stone ring with diamond baguettes cast in place cast not set rebel set alternative engagement ring
This absolute stunner is a Rose Cut Hexagon Diamond, framed with two delicately tapered baguette diamonds, set upside down and cast in place in 18kt Yellow Gold, finished with a matte brush finish. 
Eternity diamond band with alternating Grey Diamonds, Salt and Pepper Diamonds, and perfect SI Brilliant cut diamonds, set in 18kt Rose Gold.
This was a very exciting custom piece created with a client with curiosity and courage when it comes to trying new things. She fell in love with the alternating Charlotte band, and we decided to make an alternate wedding band for her, with smokey Grey Diamonds, mesmerizing Salt and Pepper Diamonds, and classic clears. All certified conflict free. Set in recycled 18kt Rose Gold.
She was breath-taking! 
Eternity diamond ring alternate wedding band grey diamonds salt and pepper diamonds recycled gold conflict free diamonds
smokey grey salt and pepper diamonds grey kites kite diamonds
Some unique Diamond inspiration.
I work with an incredible supplier here in New York that specialize in rough and unique diamonds and work with UN approved mines in keeping with the UN's Kimberley initiative to ensure certified conflict free diamonds. 
Above is a snap shot of some of their smokey, salt and pepper kites.
They are extraordinary! 
Grey diamond unique alternative engagement ring, cast not set, cast in place, recycled rose gold
This unique band was a very special custom ring for a loyal client as a ten year wedding anniversary gift for his wife. Designed to be her alternative engagement ring he was seeking something a little more unique and subdued to wear everyday. 
With a smokey grey rose cut diamond as the center stone, we framed it with two clear baguettes, two classic brilliant cut and two smokey brilliant cuts, set in 18kt Recycled Rose Gold. 
In this one I hid my signature Ruby on the underside of the ring.
  alternative engagement ring smokey grey diamond rose cut diamonds 18kt rose gold ring
Hexagon smokey grey diamonds and salt and pepper diamonds rose cut hexagon isnpiration
More diamond inspiration!
Do you see the possibilities? 
I love these super gritty salt and pepper hexagons, 
they are rose cut and super sparkly, with entire galaxies trapped within their walls...
Rainbow Sapphire Demi hoops, a style that can be created with any range of colors, as well as Diamonds, Rubies, Alexandrite, Rhodolites and Garnets.
A cluster of Black Diamonds and Natural Alexandrites, rebel-set to randomized perfection, and cast in place in my signature style, with dainty gold beads pinning the stones in place. For those unfamiliar with Alexandrite, they are an extraordinary stone that changes color, from a violet purple to a tealish green - it's absolutely stunning. 
Forgive the nature of the photo, these were picked up the moment they were ready, for a trio of friends, best friends for years, all with May birthdays. Each features three princess cut Emeralds, set with free-hand spontaneity, each unique to itself, yet recognizably part of a powerful trio. 
Rebel-set Eternity Ring, cast in place, I used a mixture of size and color, ranging from pale champagne to light grey, pinned in place with swollen beads of molten gold. One of my favorites.